Ford GT 2017 model gives you the spirit of the legend GT40

Ford GT 2017 model gives you the spirit of the legend GT40 while driving
American legend Ford still impressed with all what they offer in the automotive world, today our appointment with the small legend inspired by the spirit of ancient GT40 model, he fashioned the launch date of the new Ford GT for 2017.

The history of ancient legend Ford GT 40: In

1964, and after Enzo Ferrari's refusal to sell his own company to the benefit of the US Ford Motor Company, and revenge, Henry Ford decided at the time the owner of Ford US revenge in their own way.

Henry Ford ordered all engineers, the company making a new car crash and break the control of the center of Ferrari motor racing facilities, and Malbut long in advance so the company's engineers managed to implement the orders of Henry Ford, and the result was the car out the legendary Ford GT40 into the light,

It is worth mentioning that this car was able to dig its name in the history books, letters of light, after her victory in the 24-hour race at Le Mans for the famous four consecutive n during the time period between 1966-1969.

After the passage of many years, he managed the US Ford Motor Company once again revive the name legend GT 40 GT 40 during 2005, through the submission of Ford's new GT, the design inspired by the original of the ancient myth of the car, in order to commemorate that car again, before that the name is completely absent from the minds of fans and aficionados.

New car legend Ford GT Model 2017
Today, here's the new Ford GT Legend model 2017, that sports car provided by the US Ford Motor Company once again through the figures of the Detroit auto show. Though the second generation of the Ford GT Legend has been updated in the beginning in order to commemorate 
the original car.

 The date of the car Ford GT starting in 2017

And that's really what was announced from the manufacturer, but they are also meant to creativity of the new car is designed to take the same title of the previous car and power (moving) to the atheist and the twentieth century, in a modern car Bmzodh the latest technological techniques known in the automotive world, and face its competitors on the land solid.

The exterior design of the car Ford GT Model 2017:
For the exterior design of the car Ford GT Model 2017, the first thing definitely consider it notified to mind former legend classic Ford GT40, but some of the lines and the spokeswoman future, and as she came to design that combines sharp angles and circular lines.

 Engine and performance of the car Ford GT 2017 power
As it is clear from the exterior design of the car that the manufacturer focused on cruise lines and cohesion for aerodynamic start Tmsamam this car, which seemed clearly in the wind tunnel carved from the center of the side door, which Imitdd to the rear of the car is unique.

Interior design of the Ford GT Model 2017:
Since the exterior design of this car came with touches dominated by sporting character, surely the cabin interior has not been devoid of it, where it came to design fits perfectly with this identity, as dominated by a clear focus on ease of use. The most striking when you look at the interior of this car is the steering wheel of procedure, which was a unique design, as if specially designed for fighter aircraft is not for a sports car.

 Interior Design Ford GT 2017

The base of this car was made entirely of carbon fiber, in order to reduce weight and increase rigidity.

Engine performance of the Ford GT Force Model 2017:
As for the technical specifications and mechanical equipment supplied to this car, the car came were new Ford GT carrying a 6-cylinder V6 engine with a capacity of Aekopoost category for pace of 3.5 liter turbo with two strongly exceed 600 horsepower.

 The exterior design of the car Ford GT 2017

The date of starting the car Ford GT Model 2017 in the markets:
The manufacturer has announced that this car is scheduled to begin production later this year, to put formally on the market beginning in 2017