Peugeot Model 3008 offers exciting new competitor QASHQAI

Peugeot Model 3008 offers exciting new competitor QASHQAI

Peugeot raised the curtain formally for her new car 3008, which are currently considered as a car suitable for crossover QASHQAI competition in April and SEAT Attica. This is the first Peugeot models that feature interior design in the cabin i-Cockpit, which include a series of standards that make the vehicle's interior and one of the most friendly and friendly places in the class language.
Currently characterized cabin buttons are sensitive and sophisticated lighting and peripheral digital screen measuring 12.3 inches in counters and other 8-inch screen entertainment system. And enjoys building the car EMP2 base, which helped to reduce vehicle weight 100 kg compared to the previous model-. Although the length of the car with a 4.450 meters, the model comes longer wheelbase by 80 mm and including helping to increase internal spaciousness in the cabin and increased storage space in the rear of the bag to 520 liters an increase of 90 liters over the previous model.
Buyers will have to choose between two engines turbo diesel and four gasoline engines with carrier Manuel movement or 6-speed automatic. Consisting of gasoline engines from engine Baortk 130 1.2 liter THP 165 engine capacity of 1.6 liters and diesel engines BlueHDi engine capacity of 1.6 liters strongly include the 118 horsepower engine BlueHDi 2-liter strongly 148 horsepower and 178 horsepower strongly.
The highest versions of the car include copies of diesel and gasoline engines mated to automatic movement of the 6-speed. The new crossover will Ofer download Ascottr or the possibility of a bicycle. The car comes a bunch of active safety systems including brakes and active safety system alert-distance warning system for drivers and an assistant with the high lighting Automatic Adaptive cruise control and system monitoring blind spots with active braking assistant. This car will appear in the next Paris show in September 2016, while sales will begin at the end of the year.