This is why this car Mercedes G500 4x4² real monster Tyres

If you are wondering about the reason for the fact that this car Mercedes G500 4x4² distinctive car and private, then you have to watch the video below. Mercedes is still playing on the idea of ​​providing copies of a limited production of the G500 exciting 4x4², what has been driving this car European iconography yellow Bhltha experience to learn about the exciting advantages. And convert the Mercedes G500 to G500 4x4² normal needs to use heavy-duty axles.
You also must use a different suspension and shock absorbers are adjustable are controlled from inside the cabin. And take the car ground clearance by 450 mm was also enlarge the tire front and rear size by 299 mm. And rely on the car engine V8 4-liter Bashahanin Torbinyin strongly AMG 416 hp is more than enough to turn this car is required for a monster.